How to donate


To donate online, click on MAKE A GIFT to donate to the “OTS membership and student support” gift fund through the UC Santa Cruz Online Giving site.

Or send a check to "UC Santa Cruz Foundation"; write "OTS membership and student support drive" in the comment section on the check, and send it to:
UCSC Gift Administration
University Relations
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

In December, with your help, we completed the $153,000 needed for UC Santa Cruz permanent membership in the Organization for Tropical Studies and surpassed our challenge match of $20,000 from an anonymous donor to create a StudentSupportFund! Permanent OTS membership and the Student Fund means that UCSC Graduate Students are now assured access to world-class, life-changing field courses in tropical ecology and conservation. THANK YOU!


Thanks to: Michelle Cloud, Neil & Eileen Gilbert, Deborah Letourneau, Leighton Reid, Flora Lu, Peter Vutz, Kathleen Kay, Liba Goldstein, Daniel Press, Karen Holl, Greg Gilbert, Ingrid Parker, Pete Raimondi, Deans Paul Koch, Sheldon Kamieniecki, Steve Thorsett, and Tyrus Miller, Vice-chancellor Bruce Margon, and of course, very special thanks to Emeritus Professor Jean Langenheim and our ever-supportive anonymous donor, "Jane Carver".

Why did we do this?

UCSC institutional membership in the OTS consortium gives our graduate students access to a diversity of first-class field courses, as well as logistical and financial support for research in Costa Rica, particularly at the OTS field stations.  Raising institutional funds for the nearly $10,000 annual dues has always been difficult, but the financial crisis at UC finally reached the point where we were faced with discontinuing OTS membership.  In response, we decided to try to raise the funds for a permanent UCSC membership, ending the need for annual dues.

As you might have seen in the recent OTS "View from the Canopy" newsletter, in early 2011 we raised over $135,000 towards the $153,000 we need. These funds came from two generous private donors (Emeritus Professor Jean Langenheim and an anonymous donor), from the departments of Environmental Studies and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, the Divisions of Social Sciences and Physical & Biological Sciences, the Dean of Research, the Pepper-Giberson Chair Fund, and CenTREAD (UCSC's Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development).

The OTS courses many of us took as graduate students changed our paths as scientists and shaped our views of the world.  We want to make sure that UCSC graduate students have those same opportunities to take life-changing field courses with the OTS.