CenTREAD includes graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from across the UCSC campus, include the departments of Anthropology, Earth Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies, History of Consciousness, History, Latin American and Latino Studies, Social Documentation, and Sociology. CenTREAD helps provide opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship on the tropics and financial support for UCSC graduate students to do tropical field work.

G r a d u a t e   S t u d e n t s

Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria (Anthropology) Politicization of space in Mumbai, India.
Nick Babin (Environmental Studies) Examining drivers for land use change in closed frontier neo-tropical agroecosystems.
Jeremy Campbell (Anthropology) Paving the Soy Frontier: The Return of a Highway in the Brazilian Amazon.
Jonathan Brent Crosson (Anthropology) Resisting cultivation and cultivating resistance: Illicit farming on St. Vincent
Troy Crowder (History) Creeping Blight: A History of Tropical Agriculture and Pandemic Disease, 1850 – 2000
Brooke Crowley (Earth Sciences) The future of Madagascar’s lemurs: Coping with habitat fragmentation and degradation.
Justin Cummings (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)
Climate change and biological invasions in tropical forests.
Antonia D'Amore (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) The effects of invasive predators on community structure on islands in the Sea of Cortez.
Brian Dowd
(Environmental Studies) Why do farmers choose to grow cotton in West Africa?
Getachew Eshete
(Environmental Studies) Investigation of land degradation in semi-arid tropical agroecosystems through local knowledge, biodiversity changes and remote sensing
Adam French
(Environmental Studies) Global change and socio-environmental transformations in the Central Andes.
Colin Hoag
(Anthropology) Livelihoods in the balance: examining intersections of science, society, and environment in southern Africa
Susanna Honig
(Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Seabirds to reefs: Assessing cross-ecosystem subsidies in imperiled food webs
Julie Jedlicka (Environmental Studies) Approaching the Coffee Crisis: Linking Conservation and Social Justice.
Tim Krupnik
(Environmental Studies) Integrated pest management and Integrated biodiversity Management.
Teresa Kurtak (Social Documentation) Role of native African crops or "lost crops" in food security and sustainabile agricultural systems
Leighton Reid (Environmental Studies) Plant-animal interactions in tropical forest restoration
Taal Levi
(Environmental Studies) Conservation of terrestrial and marine vertebrates, and impacts of hunting on tropical wildlife
Jennifer O'Leary (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Abalone restoration and management in collaboration with the Mexican Cooperative Abalone Fishery.
Christian Palmer (Anthropology) Stories about nature: environmental narratives in Northeastern Brazil.i.
Hoyt Peckham (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Reducing bykill of the endangered North Pacific Loggerhead Turtle through ecological research and community networks.
Angela Quiros (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) Connecting terrestrial and marine protection at the coastal interface
Marissa Ramsier
(Anthropology) Auditory sensitivity in primates and other animals: Correlations with habitat and vocal acoustics.
Micha Rahder (Anthropology) Conservation science, knowledge, and power in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala.
Leighton Reid (Environmental Studies) Plant-animal interaction in restored tropical forest in southern Costa Rica
Devon Sampson
(Environmental Studies) Agroecological diversity and community movements for sovereignty over food and seeds in Yucatan, Mexico
Daniella Schweizer
(Environmental Studies) Phylogenetic ecology applied to tropical forest restoration.
Ana Spalding
(Environmental Studies) Marine resource conservation, specifically the human component and the policies relating to the design, establishment, and effectiveness of marine protected areas in the Pacific coast of Panama.
Nishita Trisal
(Anthropology) Aluminum Encounters: Diasporic Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility in Orissa, India
Jessica Ward
(Anthropology) Cultural Borderlands: Place and Diversity in Indonesian National Parks.
Anthony Vasquez (Anthropology) Tracking sustainable land management practices in Colombia from contact into the present.

P a s t   S t u d e n ts and Postdocs

Barbara Ayala Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz (2008) Effects of habitat fragmentation, plant-pathogen interactions and biodiversity conservation of tropical forest in Mexico.
Christopher Bacon. Ph.D. in Environmental Studies. The Impacts of Fair Trade and conventional coffee on the livelihoods and landscapes of small-scale farmers in northern Nicaragua.
James Barsimantov Ph.D. in Environmental Studies(2009) Community forestry in Mexico
Ariadna M. Bethancourt. Masters of Environmental Science, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (2000). Thesis "A sampling method for investigating the diversity of endophytic fungi associated with tree species in a tropical forest" (Advisor Gregory S. Gilbert). Currently Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Universidad de Panamá.
Martha Bonilla-Moheno. Ph.d. in Environmental Studies (2008) Tropical forest Conservation in Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Ariane de Bremond. Ph.D. in Environmental Studies (2007). Land reform, environmental governance and land-use change in post-war El Salvador.
Rose Cohen (Environmental Studies) Agroecology and political ecology of homegardens in Darien, Panama.
Avery Cohn.
(Environmental Studies) Urban Poverty, Agri-food and the Environment in Brazil
Rebecca Cole (Environmental Studies) Integrating reforestation and coffee production in southern Costa Rica.

Carlos Guadarrama-Zugasti
Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz. (2001). Dissertation "The transformation of coffee farming in central Veracruz, Mexico: sustainable strategies?" (Advisor Steve Gliessman). Currently Professor at the Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico.
Eric Holt Gimenez
Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz. (2002) Dissertation "Movimiento Campesino a Campesino: The Political Ecology of a Farmer's Movement For Sustainable Agriculture in Mesoamérica." (Advisor David Goodman). Instructor, Traveling Semester Program, Boston University.
Amanda Kiessel Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz (2007) Agro-food systems in Sri Lanka.
Eben Kirksey Ph.D. in History of Consciousness, UC Santa Cruz, (2008) Colonial violence and indigenous power in West Papua (Indonesia).
Gabriel D. Labbate Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz. (2000). Dissertation "The incremental cost approach and the conservation of biological diversity: basis for lasting partnerships of the global commons?" (Advisor Brent Haddad). Currently on the staff of the World Bank.
Blair McLaughlin
(Environmental Studies) Livelihoods, Sustainable Agriculture and Forest Conservation in the Iliniza Reserve.
Ernesto Mendez
. (Environmental Studies) The relationship of household livelihoods and social capital to the conservation potential of native tree biodiversity in small farmer coffee cooperatives of western El Salvador.
Jose Carlos Nascimento
. Ph.D. in Biology, UC Santa Cruz. 1980. Dissertation "Ecological studies of sesquiterpenes and phenolic compounds in leaves of Copaifera multijuga Hayne (Leguminosae) in a central Amazonian rain forest" (Advisor Jean Langenheim).  Currently Assessor do Presidente--EMBRAPA (Empressa Brasileira de Pesquisasa Agropecuaria - Brazilian Department of Agriculture) Brasilia, Brazil.
Dorothy Overpeck
(Environmental Studies) An interdisciplinary analysis of the sustainability of three agroforestry systems that are being heavily promoted to improve both food security and soil quality of resource-poor farmers in Southern Malawi.
Liba Pejchar. (Environmental Studies) Habitat selection, source-sink dynamics and conservation of the ‘Akiapola’au (Hemignathus munroi), an endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper. (Advisor Karen Holl). Currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford Univeristy.
Alexis E. Racelis (Environmental Studies) Ethnobotanical studies of the use and management of Tropical Tree Species in southeastern Mexico; Sustainable Development and Conservation of tropical resources.
Enith I. Rojas A.
Masters of Environmental Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (2000). Thesis "Diversity, abundance, and specificity of microfungi associated with leaves of three species of mangrove" (Advisor Gregory S. Gilbert). Currently research assistant at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panamá.

Francisco J. Rosado-May. Ph.D in Biology.  UCSC 1991. Dissertation "Ecological role of wild mustard (Brassica kaber (D.C.) L.C. Wheeler) in the management of soil-pathogenic fungi and nematodes in a corn agroecosystem" (Advisors Steve Gliessman and Jean Langenheim)." Currently Rector, Universidad de Qintana Roo, Chetumal, QR, Mexico.

Martha E. Rosemeyer.
Ph.D. in Biology. UCSC 1990. Dissertation “The effect of different management strategies on the tripartite symbiosis of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) with Rhizobium and vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in two agroecosystems in Costa Rica.” (Advisor Steve Gliessman). Currently Professor at Evergreen State University.

Jessica Roy (Sociology) Environmental degredation, poverty, and access to water in the NyandoBasin, Kenya.

Claudia Schmidt. Visiting graduate student. Organic agro-food networks (Sponsor: David Goodman).  Completing Ph.D. at Federal University of Rio Grande del Sol, Brazil.

Paul Steinberg.
Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz 1999. "Transnational relations and the politics of species conservation in poor countries: evidence from costa Rica and Bolivia, 1967-1997." (Advisor Daniel Press).  Currently Assistant Professor at Harvey Mudd College.
Laura E. Trujillo
Ph.D. in Environmental Studies, UC Santa Cruz 2000. Dissertation "Political ecology of coffee" (Advisor Steve Gliessman). Currently Professor at the Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Mexico

Erin Vogel(Anthropology) Behavioral ecology, proximate mechanisms of diet selection, food competition, game theory, non-human primates.