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Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development!

The goal of the Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development (CenTREAD) is to foster the interdisciplinary research and training needed to understand tropical environmental issues and develop ecologically-based, economically viable, culturally respectful, nonexploitative solutions that serve as a foundation for future generations. We are a coalition of faculty and students that span a number of departments and centers on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. CenTREAD members are involved in a wide range of natural science and social science research on tropical environmental issues, including understanding the roles of biodiversity and food web relationships in tropical forests, studying social movements and the environment, and combining cultural and agroecological analyses in land-use management systems.

CenTREAD strives to provide training and research support for environmental scientists, land managers, and rural development specialists in tropical countries. We works towards this goal by:
•providing seed grants for tropical research to graduate students from various UCSC departments ,
•sponsoring interdisciplinary working groups,
•supporting graduate exchange programs and short courses for students from tropical regions, and
•hosting international visiting scholars to UCSC.

Help support research tropical research at UCSC. Donated funds are used to support UCSC Graduate Students in tropical field work and to bring scholars from tropical countries to UCSC for research exchanges.

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