F u n d i n g  S o u r c e s

We thank the Pepper-Giberson Chair, UCSC and the Jane Carver Gift Fund
for generous support of CenTREAD activities and grants & fellowships programs

CenTREAD provides small Research Grants to UCSC graduate students working in tropical regions and Visiting Graduate Fellowships for graduate researchers from tropical countries to develop collaborations with CenTREAD researchers while in residence (for up to three months) at the University of California Santa Cruz.

In addition, graduate students and researchers from tropical nations are encouraged to contact CenTREAD faculty to pursue external funding opportunities to develop collaborate research projects. UCSC provides a web page of resources for Graduate Student Fellowship and Grant Opportunities. Listed here are some sources of funding the CenTREAD members have found useful for tropical research.

University of California specific programs
UC MEXUS (UC-Mexican collaborations)
UC Pacific Rim Foundation
Grant help and opportunities for UCSC grad students in Social Sciences Division

National and regional fellowship and grant opportunities
INFOCYT (Red de Información C&T para América Latina y el Caribe)
OEA (Organization of American States)
International Foundation for Science (Sustainable management of biological and water resources)

CONACYT (Mexico)
SENACYT (Panama)
CONICIT (Costa Rica)
Groupo Adelante short-term Latin American research Fellowships at STRI, Panama English Español

Lindbergh Foundation
C.S. Mott Foundation

Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation International Scholars program

The Christensen Fund
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (Andes-Amazon)
Center for Field Research (Earthwatch)

US government research agencies
US National Science Foundation

The NSF international postdocs for US students

US Department of Agriculture

US Department of Energy
Fulbright Programs
USDA/FAS Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellows Program

Databases of funding sources
CenTREAD list of funding sources for Graduate research in the tropics
UCLA list of funding resources for international students