CenTREAD Visiting Graduate Fellowships in Tropical Studies


The Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development (CenTREAD) is pleased to offer two fellowships for one-quarter (3 months) post-graduate residence at the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) during the academic year. Graduate students, recent university graduates, and environmental professionals from tropical and subtropical nations who have not received degrees from and are not enrolled in US universities are eligible to apply.  Fellows will work with the research groups of CenTREAD affiliates at UCSC to further their research interests and develop collaborations.  Fellows are also encouraged to interact with various faculty and graduate students at UCSC through attending seminars and possibly taking classes. CenTREAD researchers are involved in a wide range of natural and social science investigations on tropical issues that further the CenTREAD mission – “To foster interdisciplinary research and training to understand tropical environmental issues and develop ecologically-based, economically viable, culturally respectful, nonexploitative solutions that serve as a foundation for future generations.”  More information on participating faculty, CenTREAD activities, participating departments, related courses, and information on previous recipients is available on line at http://centread.ucsc.edu.

Through the generosity of and the Pepper-Giberson Endowed Chair, CenTREAD will provide Fellows round-trip transportation from their home country, tuition, and a $1400 per month living stipend. Fellows must arrange for a letter of nomination from a CenTREAD faculty member, in which the faculty agrees to serve as the visitors’ primary sponsor during their time at UCSC and outlines the fellows’ planned activities and the benefits to the fellow and CenTREAD. Contact information for CenTREAD faculty is available at http://centread.ucsc.edu

In addition to the letter of support from a CenTREAD faculty member, the applicant must send
(1) a curriculum vitae,
(2) a personal statement describing their educational and research experience, future goals, and reasons for interest in participating in the exchange (in English),
(3) a confidential letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your academic performance or research.

Applications will be evaluated based on the preparation of the applicant, the potential for the applicant to benefit from the exchange, and the opportunity to build ongoing collaborations with faculty and graduate students at UCSC. Evidence of efforts to secure funding for the exchange from other sources will also be considered favorably. Fellows will be asked to participate in a brief phone interview to determine whether their English ability is sufficient to allow them to fully benefit from a brief stay at UCSC.

Please contact either Dr. Karen Holl or Dr. Gregory Gilbert to inquire about application deadlines.

Fellows’ stays should coincide with one of the three UCSC academic quarters – fall (mid-September to mid-December), winter (January to March) or spring (April to June).