Tenth annual call (2013) for the

CenTREAD Tropical Research Grants

Applications for CenTREAD Research Grants are accepted from UCSC graduate students each year in April


The Center for Tropical Research in Ecology, Agriculture, and Development (CenTREAD) is pleased to offer grants to support tropical research by UCSC graduate students.  Research areas should fall under the general areas of interest in CenTREAD, which is organized to foster interdisciplinary research and training to understand tropical environmental issues and develop ecologically-based, economically viable, culturally respectful, nonexploitative solutions that serve as a foundation for future generations (see http://centread.ucsc.edu for more information and past grant recipients).  We are particularly interested in supporting graduate students early in their project development at a time when other sources of funding are less available.  Appropriate requests include funds for travel to investigate field sites, conduct pilot studies, establish research collaborations, support for field station fees, and similar activities.  CenTREAD Tropical Research Grants are not available as student stipends or for UCSC fees and tuition.  Grants will be given to a maximum of $1000.  Previous award recipients may apply, but priority will be given to applicants who have not received previous support.


Deadline: Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. Monday 15 April 2013.  Awards will be announced within three weeks of the deadline.  Applications should be sent by email to ggilbert@ucsc.edu.  Please include your last name in the filename of the application attachment. 


Application:  Click here for the 2-page application form.  It includes:

(1) Header with information as requested,

(2) a brief description of the proposed project

(3) a budget justification, including the expected impact of this funding as well as a list of other funding currently available.

(4) a brief note of support from your major professor (as separate email to ggilbert@ucsc.edu). Note that a full letter of recommendation is not needed.


Criteria for selection:

(1) Appropriateness for CenTREAD mission

(2) Need and potential impact of funding for carrying out this project

(3) Quality of proposal

(4) Potential of project for developing scientific/institutional linkages between UCSC and tropical counterparts.

(5) Support early in projects and without previous CenTREAD support given priority.



Within 1 month of return to Santa Cruz (or maximum 6 months after receipt of funds),

(1) a brief accounting of how the money was spent,

(2) a brief (1-2 paragraphs), non-technical description of what was accomplished with the grant, to provide to financial supporters of CenTREAD and post on the CenTREAD web page.



Direct any questions to Greg Gilbert (ggilbert@ucsc.edu).